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Accepted Payment Methods
myseamaster.org makes paying for your orders easy by providing a range of convenient payment options.
Below is a guide to the different payment methods used by myseamaster.org, so you can choose the right way for you.

Payment Methods:

Credit and Debit Card

Western Union

Wire Transfer

Paying with Credit or Debit Card

We currently accept Visa, and American Express credit card payments from most locations worldwide. Paying by credit card or debit card is safe, easy and convenient at myseamaster.org.

Using Your Credit Card or Debit Card

1. On your Shopping Cart page, After reviewing your items.

2. On the Order Information page, under Payment Methods, select Credit Card/Debit Card.

3. Fill in the required information carefully.

Paying by credit card is a quick, secure, and convenient way to order from us.


Paying with Western Union

Western Union is one of the fastest ways to transfer money worldwide. With its cheaper and convenient office locations, we accept this payment method. You can also use credit card to do transfer with Western Union. You can simply click http://www.westernunion.com and you can finish the whole process online.

Using Western Union

To complete payment of your items by Western Union, go to your local Western Union branch, or go to their website, and follow the instructions.

The Western Union beneficiary details for myseamaster.org are:

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Country: CHINA

If you have any further questions regarding your myseamaster.org order payment through Western Union, please Email: sales@myseamaster.org

We want every Western Union transaction to go smoothly for our customers, so please be sure to check the total payment amount with them first.

If you pay with Western Union, we can take 20% discount to you.


Paying with Wire Transfer

We are also happy to accept wire transfer payments for most orders.

Using Wire Transfer

To complete payment of your items by wire transfer, contact your local bank who will be happy to make the transfer.

The wire transfer beneficiary details for myseamaster.org are:

    Beneficiary Bank:
    Beneficiary Bank Address:
    Swift Code:
    Account Name:
    Account No.:

If you have any further questions regarding your watchdays.com order payment through wire transfer, please Email: sales@myseamaster.org

If you have any questions, We are happy to assist you.  Email:  sales@myseamaster.org

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